November / Reflection: 12.12 Project

Polaroid SX70, Impossible Project Color Protection film.
Polaroid SX70, Impossible Project Color Protection film.

I choose ‘Reflection’ not only because it’s quite an open theme, but because it could garner some interesting results. Whether it’s reflecting upon a moment, the choices in your life, or even as simple as the way an image reflects upon a surface…

From time to time it’s good to reflect upon the journey we’ve taken. For me it’s about reflecting upon my choices, even the small ones. It’s often challenging to analyse yourself, but gives us some certainty that we’re on the right path, and to get a glimpse into what the future could be.

The 12.12 Project was conceived by Tennessee based film photographer Penny Felts, during a period where she felt that her photography had become stagnate and predictable. She wanted to challenge and push her creativity in new ways. Already connected to a worldwide pool of instant film photographers, she invited 11 women to participate. The women she selected were photographers whose instant photographs she respected and admired, and The 12.12 Project was formed.

Every month each photographer chooses a theme, one that challenges each other, pushes each artist out of their comfort zone, and generates creative photographic responses to powerful thought starters. This website is dedicated to the unique results generated from each of the artists in the group.

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